Midget Mafia of KC_peliplat
Midget Mafia of KC_peliplat

Midget Mafia of KC (2016)

Midget Mafia of KC (Original) / Midget Mafia of KC (US)


This is about the Gnomo family who hail from Sicily and have been in the mafia business for many generations. The show will explore a variety of real information and history, woven into a rather offensive and completely hilarious story about this family and the way they run their business. For instance, it's a little known fact that the Kansas City mob funneled illicit money into projects like Las Vegas and is responsible for building the city into what it has become. With a finger in many pies, the KC mafia history runs deep in several cities and the Gnomos have been at the root of all of it. They have their hit men, trophy wives and spoiled, psycho children who each play a role in how KC, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York were developed to be the cities they are today.

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