An Epic of Imagination for Fantasy Lover: ‘Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai’ Review (1/2)



-An Epic of Imagination is Born-

Dragon Quest is a national treasure-level franchise of Japan, which is created by Enix Corporation. It jointly created JRPG with Final Fantasy series, which is also a Japanese national treasure-level franchise. Dragon Quest series was first born in 1986 and has a history of nearly 4 decades. This series of works spans all art fields of ACGN and has a strong influence on a global scale.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (2020) is an important work in the Dragon Quest series, and after watching Fairy Tail (2009) in recent years, I think it is the most suitable animation and manga for teenagers. Like Fairy Tail, it has an excellent story, a complete world view, lively characters, a complex but easy-to-understand story, and a pure to crystal-clear story theme suitable for children and teenagers. It can be said that The Adventure of Dai is another children's epic brought to children all over the world by Japan. Similarly, for adults, if you still have good hopes for life in your heart, if you still believe in truth, goodness and beauty, and the fairy tales you heard as a child, then please don't miss this extremely well-produced masterpiece.

Why do I like this animation so much? Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai started as a lighthearted play of the protagonist's children. The kind monsters are very cute, and the monsters design are very creative, and the persistence and efforts of the protagonists are also very commendable. But as the story unfolds, the evolution of this comic makes people feel amazing. What followed caught my eye even more. In order to take care of those who haven’t read it, I won’t spoil it. Speaking systematically, I think this comic and the animation are both equally great:

1. The plot is fast-paced and does not procrastinate. During the initial creation period, the story was completed in one go over seven years

Different from the Dragon Ball (1986-), which is absolutely a "National Comics", although the length of Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is not short, the creation time is not too long. The plot is very compact and there is no feeling of procrastination. It is not as slow and procrastinating as many of the current long serial comics. disgusting. This seems to just give readers a more comfortable feeling subjectively, but it directly leads to the following advantages:

2. The plot is extremely deep and has a strong coherency

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai looks like it was done in one go. It seems that many things have been decided at the beginning of the creation. The plot is by no means created while drawing, but always under a framework. For example, this animation has many amazing foreshadowing from the manga phase, buried from the beginning, some in the middle, and some burst out at the end of the story. It was only in the 1980s and 1990s, and it was absolutely amazing to see such a plot.

The plot naturally has a feeling of gradual evolution from shallow to deep, from weaker enemies to stronger enemies. The recent work Helck (2014) feels a bit like this, but overall, it is not as good as Dragon Quest series, but I want to emphasize that Helck is also a good work. There are many expansions and twists of the plot between the two works, which are by no means the simple shaping of the brave defeating the evil. I can't expand on this aspect, otherwise it will spoil the story.

An Epic of Imagination for Fantasy Lover: Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Review (2/2)


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