An Epic of Imagination for Fantasy Lover: ‘Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai’ Review (2/2)



3. Complete world view

It should be thanks to the setting of the game that this comic has a complete magic system. The same type of magic ranges from weak to strong, and different types of magic have various types. This system runs through the entire game, comics, and animations. It also makes the battle basically under this framework, which will not make people feel abrupt. However, works like Dragon Ball are not integrated enough. Combat values, special moves, and magic in the later stage make people feel very abrupt. In addition, there is a grand world view in Dragon Quest, which is very complete, such as the origin of the dragon knight, which is very shocking.

4. Emotional line & the growth of the main character

Like all stories, the characters in Dragon Quest also need character growth to be called a good work. The most successful thing about this work is that both the protagonist and the supporting roles will have a complete character growth, even the villain is the same, and will change with the growth of the protagonist group.

At the same time, the story has shaped a lot of emotions! The emotion between father and son, between master and apprentice, between brothers and sisters, between comrades-in-arms, and even between opponents (from the present point of view, in this work, the bromance is also very obvious). In addition, as a work mainly for teenagers, there is also a little ignorance and implicit love in the story. At the same time, in order to shape these plots, this comic brings a very good (next point) in the history of comics:

5. Profound characterization

The most worth mentioning advantage of Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, which is better than many classics in the history of comics, is in character creation. In many classic comics, the main characters will become fewer and fewer with the plot, and many early characters will gradually walk out of the reader's field of vision. In the end, there are only a few protagonists who improve themselves infinitely, focus on fighting, and finally win the predictable victory. But Dragon Quest doesn't follow the rules. Many characters still have very rich characterizations and descriptions at the end. At the same time, almost every character has its own story, which is very distinctive and impressive. Even many villains made me exclaim: He’s GREAT!

(Left: Maam, right: Popp)

Nowadays, decades later, I still remember how Popp grew from a lazy magician apprentice to a great magister; the story of Hyunckel's father and his tenacious fighting spirit, and the spirit of daring to sacrifice himself for his companions; Funny but heroic Avan; Crocodine with masculine charm; powerful martial artist Maam and her nirvana; Hadlar from sinister to righteous, from ambition to justice; old Baran full of wisdom and calm; powerful, The loyal and charming superalloy warrior; the embarrassing ice flame monster Flazaard; Dai's father Baran, etc., this is unique in so many years of reading comics.

Of course, this work tends to the fresh style of teenagers. It is actually a bit powerless to carry these things, but it also shows the excellent plot and character creation from the side. If we talk about the shortcomings of this work, there are some "only blood theories". Still, Popp and Hyunckel more than make up for it with characters who represent normal people.

(Left: Hyunckel, right: Popp)

What I wrote is my personal opinion, and I wrote it after watching the 2020 animation version. People who didn’t read comics all the way from that era may not have such deep feelings as me when reading this. But I hope you can take a look, it’s really an epic for me to introduce.

In the eyes of the elders, these things are called feelings; in the eyes of the young, these become generation gap.

But I believe true fine arts will break all gaps.

Have you watched Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai yet? If you haven't seen it, this is the work I recommend to you from the bottom of my heart.

An Epic of Imagination for Fantasy Lover: Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Review (1/2)


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