About the Director [Artistic vision] Bouduard is an Best Director Nominated treading by Hollywood, Pinewood & Bollywood cinema, editor, writer, scriptwriter, storyteller and journalist and now LawOfficer too. He has been reading comics since the 1990s, where he formed a vast vision of the comic book universe. In 2003 he founded Portal CULTZONE, writing news, commenting on the news of the comics in Brazil and WorldWideWeb. Already acted in more than 8 plays and in 2007 was assistant director of the play 'Race to Chaos" by Paulo Jordão in ArtsSpace. Through Cultural Workshop Oswald Andrade, he has done several plays and even directed two films of Halaor Fiction and May Evil be With You, and photographed the documentaries Eating by the Edges and In Search of the Lost Pleasure with coordination of Sylvio Rocha. He is writing a new fictional story of Getúlio Vargas, Glauber Rocha and Oswald Andrade, the result of a workshop at Cultural Workshop and is directing the documentary "Fatec's Str

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