Voice of Land_peliplat
Voice of Land_peliplat

Voice of Land (2021)

Voice of Land (Original) / Voice of Land (US)

Livre (BR)
94 min
USA, India, Italy, Colombia, Russia, Panama, UK

DOC Voice of Land is an Awarded movie about the nature and Earth, which includes a Finalist Award Best DOC in NewJersey (US). DOC Rainflorest (working title) is a subjective film about the intemperance of nature and about the transformations that the planet has suffered over decades of human production with its fruits that today we all reap, counting a little on the hope of better days and overcoming global differences for the evolution of our ecosystem. The movie was nominated to Finalist Best DOCumentary Award in the SWIFF Festival in 23 and has a registration for the OSCARS Award in the 2024.

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