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Rating 8

17:08 05 January, 2021

Llena de premios.Este poderoso drama histórico recibió siete premios BAFTA por mejor película, mejor actor, mejor actor de reparto y mejor actriz de reparto, así como cuatro premios Óscar por mejor película, mejor director, mejor actor y mejor guion original.

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This is not a typical by-the-book biopic. Although it's the usual Western values and standards behind the story, the finer details and the plot twists are handled in a unique and sophisticated manner, resulting in a pleasant watching experience. Personally, I believe Colin Firth's greatest strength lies in his vocal performance. Being hailed as one of the best actors, not only is his performance on a different level from the rest, but he also single-handedly brought a bigger significance to the vocal aspect of acting itself. His achievements can only be described as groundbreaking and inspirational.
Well-crafted and confident, but lacking surprises. Alexandre Desplat maintains his consistent standard and style in the music score, injecting meaning and emotions into it. Some supporting roles seemed redundant though, so the script still has room for improvement. The usual high-standard performances from Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush really carried the entire film, though I think they could have done even better.
The nature of the subject matter already determined the lack of thrills in its story. "The King's Speech" remains grounded throughout, yet every frame is rich and lively, with a meticulous British style that brings all the necessary elements close to perfection. The exquisite performance, like a work of art, instantly becaming a classic and an inspiration for generations to come.
It's another film where the ensemble cast shines. Colin Firth's performance brings to life this insecure, fragile, furious, and pitiful character. The cinematography is also rather unique, with many shots conveying a sense of oppression, which makes the audience feel the kind of stress the characters experience. I could even call this film inspirational, as it deals with overcoming inner demons and surpassing oneself.
It’s an impeccable masterpiece with top-notch cinematography, music, and performances that complement each other flawlessly. An absolute winner in my book. Colin did a marvelous job in his meticulous and brilliant portrayal of the fierce and proud king who is actually lonely and vulnerable inside. Emerging victorious from internal battles with himself is something everyone should strive to achieve in their lives.
It’s surprisingly good! The cinematography, the editing, the music, and the performance are close to perfection. Stop at literally any moment and you will get a beautiful piece of artwork. And I have been putting the soundtracks on loop ever since I finished watching the show. It's so easy to lose yourself in the refined, elegant, solemn yet graceful performance by the cast. The film ended while I was still immersed in it, and immediately I craved for more.
The acting is impeccable. It is a typical British film, and that usually means a lack of innovation. It is a work that strives for refinement in cinematography, editing, dialogue, and visuals. This is a film that only evokes your emotions on a superficial level. The entire storyline is basically how the main character overcame his stutter problem and inherited the throne as the younger brother. Do note that the Academy Award in recent years does have a preference for biographical films, and this one is just that.
The performance of the actors is impeccable,.It is a typical British film, but it is also a lack of innovation, which has become a pursuit of fine work in the lens, editing, lines and pictures. This movie didn't really move me. The whole story can be summed up in a nutshell: how to cure stuttering and succeed to the throne as a younger brother. But please note that this film, because of its biographical nature, is very much in line with the consistent taste of the Academy Awards in recent years.