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13:50 16 February, 2023

I really thank him for secretly teaching Kya how to arm himself. kya is really a warrior..From the beginning of sympathy for the heroine's native family, to being sweetened by her and Tate, to the beginning of not understanding why the heroine who has broken through the language barrier can't let go of her childhood shackles to pursue the world, and then to being angry when she sees the unkindness of others in the later period The fierce resistance until being warmed to grow old together. This film is so delicate and subtle. I thought the heroine was autistic and alienated, but she realized at the end that it was the bravest persistence. Thinking about it carefully, only she chose to stay and live with her father at the beginning. This kind of courage and silent resistance is really admirable.

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Either natural law or the entire human legal civilization is a bit ironic..The chat at the publisher's dinner at 1 hour and 44 minutes is the essence of the whole article. -Insects like fireflies eat their mate. -It's amoral. -I don't know if there is a dark side to nature. Just inventive ways to endure against all odds.
"Every creature does what it has to do to survive..When it feels threatened, it doesn't complain or leave its territory, but defends it and kills when necessary."
Bad shoot.I wonder how on earth can every scene, from the plot to the lines to the (non-existent) camera design, be so cheesy?
"The Life of the Disliked Swamp Girl".apart from the last expected truth of the case, this film is truly a masterpiece full of independent female power. It is rare that it is not bloody, not black, and has a kind of tenderness and strength unique to women. If I have time, I will refill the original novel. I don't know if the film is consistent with the original, or if there are any different changes. Ps: The heroine Daisy Edgar Jones is amazing, she looks like Anne Hathaway, and remembering her previous role in "Fresh", her acting skills have undoubtedly improved a lot.
The heroine was chosen so well.The overall temperament, especially her hair, is like walking out of the forest. Chase started out as an intruder. From the room to the body is a kind of intrusion, he keeps drawing big cakes, hoping to transform Kya. Ted's decision to leave earlier was understandable, and I felt he was the only one who was right for Kya. They have common topics and similar occupations. The first love part is so beautiful, kissing under the swirling leaves, so beautiful that people can't take their eyes off it. On the surface, it is about two love stories of a girl, but in the long run, it is actually an outsider's fear and escape in the face of life and rumors.
Just watch a love summer vacation file?.Cineplex.Scotiabank Theatre. Bought today's first show and sat for 2 hours. Now I understand a little bit, why most of the movies/tv series adapted from the book will receive dissatisfaction from old fans. This, what a beautiful scene, why did the photography technology insist on shooting a feeling of a love story in the English countryside. The girl also grew up in a swamp. She harvested mussels, sailed boats, and was a laboring people. She has a small body and is very thin. She looks more like a pharmacist who grew up indoors. The "growth" content I was looking forward to was all mentioned in one stroke, and the bus time when she was in court and testified, the novel was so wonderful, and it was mentioned again in one stroke. So the whole film, what can be seen is the scenery and various watercolor biological pictures?
It's Girl Time.This is feminism, natural and powerful!
So pitiful, so inspirational, but so tangled. An independent will is still bound by emotions. The story is told too much, leaving no room to read it!