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Rating 8

17:09 05 January, 2021

O clássico dos clássicos.O pioneirismo e a qualidade dos seus efeitos especiais foram premiados com o Oscar e criaram um novo (e alto) parâmetro para os filmes de ficção científica.

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What a masterpiece. A true cinematic achievement.
The unique music, composition, and long shots all come together to truly create an immersion for the audience. The special effects were cutting-edge for its time and they are breathtaking. The opening montage is really thought-provoking and the sci-fi elements in the movie have definitely had a lasting impact on future films. However, the overemphasis on immersion and the overly enigmatic and philosophical themes make it feel like I'm sifting through an ultra-modern stock library, with various sensory-stimulating sequences freely put together to create such effects.
This is the groundbreaking work of the modern sci-fi genre, a philosophical film about the evolution of civilization, an epic among epics. When we contrast the insignificance of humanity with the vastness of the universe, it deepens our contemplation of our own destiny. As the magnificent symphony plays, it ushers the thoughts of life roaming through an unknown universe with no beginning or end, exploring its own ultimate meaning. Great films are immortal, and so is the great Kubrick.
You have to tough it out and watch it the first time, feeling like you have no clue what it's all about. When you give it a second go, you might start to feel like it's beginning to make some sense. By the third time, you'll realize it's actually delving into multiple themes. After the fourth time, you might feel like you've got a handle on something. By the fifth time, you'll be thinking, "OMG, this is absolutely incredible! And it's from 1968!"
Muy buena excelente
Lendário.Um dos melhores filmes já feitos no cinema mundial. 2001 mostrou ao cinema como realizar filmes de ficção científica com maestria.
Una profunda historia espacial.A través de técnicas cinematográficas impecables y poderosas imágenes simbólicas, Stanley Kubrick hizo de "2001" una de las mejores y más profundas historias espaciales que se hayan hecho en el cine.
Un clásico de la ciencia ficción.Por su pesado simbolismo visual y sus efectos especiales de vanguardia, "Odisea del espacio" no es solo una de las películas más populares de Stanley Kubrick, sino que también es una de las películas más importantes de la historia del cine.