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14:33 16 March, 2024

It's really comfortable to watch and goes well with a meal, and there isn't a single person who's annoying, which is quite rare among the family TV shows I've watched. In the last episode, Missy's acting skills exploded, and I felt like crying when she cried. Hurricanes are really scary; they've destroyed so many lives. I felt so sad seeing Meemaw's house damaged. I wonder if Mandy became a weather girl; if she didn't get through the interview with such clever responses, it would be a shame.

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I love it even more than The Big Bang Theory. Each character in Young Sheldon is unique and three-dimensional, their choices and conflicts rooted in character. At the same time, it’s warm, humorous, and touching; it also depicts fighting and compromising for love, wit, frustration, mutual understanding, and concern. Can't wait for the next season.
Well…binge-watching and consuming is fully realized for me with this show. Unlike The Big Bang Theory and Friends, being a spin-off diminishes the independence of this show itself, as well as its warmth and message. This habit of binge-watching in my daily life is extremely noticeable in the way it intrudes into my work time and the routines of my daily life, which also affects my attitude towards life and work. This experience is similar to my relationship with my parents in the present.
I didn't get used to Sheldon's voice change until half the season is over. He continues to be weird, and I prefer some of the supporting characters instead. Missy is in her teenage rebellion stage and has high EQ; teen dad Georgie is surprisingly much more responsible than many adult men are. And I finally realized that Dr. Linkletter's bark is worse than his bite; he is actually helping Sheldon all the time, which is a lot better than the perfunctory principal. Based on this season's expectations, I might continue watching the next season.
I really like how the show portrays everyone being flawed but is ultimately a very comforting show. But Sheldon’s voice has changed and I'm no longer able to forgive his actions for just being a kid anymore, so I stuck it out until episode 11 and then quit. The show has been boring since season 5, when the only female screenwriter left, and the old "conflicted parent-child relationship with effective communication and mutual understanding" suddenly becomes preachy, but that fits The Big Bang Theory where adult Sheldon grew up with toxic masculinity, but it's just not funny anymore. I’m out.
Season 6 is more mature, intellectual, and socially educational than all the previous seasons. All the problems faced by Sheldon's family members, such as teenage anxiety, pre-marital parenthood, family disputes, and marital problems, are magnified and then presented to the audience as they solve their problems together and reconcile with each other.
While young Sheldon's voice is missed, voice change is not something he can control, so there's no need to score the show lowly for that reason. Hopefully, the show will have fewer storylines on morals and more standalone-themed episodes, after all, the laughs are currently only coming from Connie and Dad (and I don't want to see Dad quit the show). I realized that Missy inherited Meemaw's EQ and Sheldon inherited his grandpa's IQ. Well, time waits for no one. Looking forward to the next few seasons and I hope it gets to S10 early.
The fact that it took six seasons for young Sheldon's voice to finally change has been a blessing for the show, but an even greater challenge may follow. The difference in appearance and voice from the original Sheldon may result in a gap that can't be bridged even with good acting; after all, the show is a prequel to The Big Bang Theory. I can tell the show is trying as hard as it can to avoid dad's extramarital affairs and his death that most sitcoms won’t present, but what's coming will come, and maybe it's time for Adult Sheldon.
I was a little heartbroken. A highly intelligent kid overwhelms people around him. If The Big Bang Theory is using comedy to defuse that, then this show is letting the audience actually see how hard it is for his parents to raise a child like him, especially when the family is struggling to make ends meet. The parents know that their child is a genius, but there's only so much they can do despite their efforts. Learning to raise him without holding him back was probably the most difficult thing for his family to do when Sheldon was young…