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Rating 8

16:10 21 March, 2024

Personally, I think it's better than Get Out. Jordan Peele really hit the jackpot with this script inspired by the animal world. Rather than calling it a horror film, it's more like a sophisticated suspense film with a prominent theme: advanced civilizations may not necessarily be intelligent, they could also be predatory animals, and humans need to learn to say "Nope" when faced with great unknowns.

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Jordan Peele really knows how to create the right vibes; the first 75% of the film uses the protagonist (and the audience) to capitalize on the fear of the unknown, creating a mysterious atmosphere and building on the suspense, which is kinda like watching both Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind at the same time. However, it lacks a good ending to support it. Nevertheless, it's still a high-concept film, blending Western elements with science fiction. Though seemingly unrelated, they combine to form something greater than the sum of its parts.
It's filled with cinematic nostalgia and a sense of eerie mysteriousness, sending audiences on an emotional roller coaster coupled with strong visual stimulation. Jordan Peele really showcases his sophistication here, which is a rare treat from him. In the end, people shouldn't take themselves too seriously; you're not a god and you can't domesticate others, whether it's gorillas, horses, or aliens.
The opening Bible quote sets the tone for the film, a story about spectacle and how our eyes are drawn to it. The father is hit in the eye by a coin falling from the sky, a horse goes mad after seeing its reflection, and eyes of wild animals are continuously displayed on the screen, threatening to suck viewers in if they make eye contact. The film seems to caution us about the terrifying power of a gaze, but unlike Get Out or Us, it doesn't require you to rack your brains to understand its metaphors; the story itself is intriguing enough.
SIP!... A estas alturas y con solo 3 películas podríamos decir que Jordan Peele es un autor. Sus películas narran y muestran sus intereses, dialoga con su público, con sus formas. Y establece un entendimiento. Y esto me pasó en sus tres películas. Hay momentos en que no sabemos que esperar, no estamos muy seguros de lo que vemos. Y eso se debe en parte al tono que Peele elige para contar, para luego tomarnos por sorpresa. Encuentro mucho de ese tono y esa extrañeza en algunas películas de Shyamalan. En esta tercera entrega el terror no es tan eficiente como en sus predecesoras. Pero si se toma sus momentos para dialogar sobre el mundo del cine, cierta revalorización análoga del cine, cierto pasado mejor. En la personal la considero más floja que sus anteriores obras, así y todo sigue siendo una buena película de este autor que ya tiene sus sellos y dónde cada estreno suyo genera expectativa. Nos Leemos!
Mr. Peele produces a masterful blend of horror and comedy like I never seen before.
una peli clase B ?.se nota muchísimo que es una peli de bajo presupuesto, que ni las actuaciones la zafan. Me quedé con la intriga del final. Cómo puede ser que no hayan rescatado la filmación????