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Rating 8

16:06 24 March, 2021

The nastiest superheroes of all.This wonderful satirical TV show demonstrates that sometimes, in order to fight against evil superheroes oppression, you have to be as nasty as they are. A funny story about confrontation between men and gods.

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A great thing about The Boys is how it manages to keep surprising you at every season. Such a relevant, powerful story with serious commitment to the dark storyline.
This dark series about anti-superheroes is inherently intriguing. The parody of superhero pop culture is spot-on and easily relatable. The bigger the power, the greater the responsibility, but also the greater the desire. The scene where they use Superman dolls as weapons is the biggest highlight of the whole show.
The core of this show isn't about anti-heroes but rather anti-people. Symbolic figures are born from the people, sustained by the people, and then consumed by capitalists. Why is it like this? It's not that we don't see the darkness; we simply choose not to believe it. We have the right to choose, but we choose convenience, laziness, and dependency.
"The Boys" stands out as the ultimate superhero show that completely subverts the genre over the past decade! In my opinion, it's the best comic book adaptation I've ever seen. It's gritty and realistic, gory yet authentic. While Garth Ennis's original work had a dark edge, this series excels at fleshing out the complex relationships between characters and providing compelling backstories for each villain. What makes it truly fascinating is its portrayal of regular folks going head-to-head with super-powered heroes.
The story is definitely creative, but I wouldn't go as far as calling it a masterpiece. The first four episodes were strong, but it seemed to lose its momentum afterward, and the plot became rather convoluted. I personally think it would've been more intriguing if it delved into the downfall of superheroes at the hands of big corporations, the media, and public perception. Despite having only 8 episodes, the pacing felt sluggish at times. Here's hoping the second season kicks things up a notch.
Bizarra, desquiciada y graciosa. Humor negro a flor de piel. Bienvenida seas .
un flash.cada capitulo se supera. cada temporada más loca. cuando pensas que nada más puede pasar. algo sucede! me encanta tanta locura.