Enchanting, but not all the way

Giuliana PBF_peliplat

Giuliana PBF

13:28 08 December, 2021

What to say? I like that Disney is really exploring other cultures in a "non-exploitative", non -"other-ing" way, and the animation certainly is at that super high level that we really have come to expect from them at this point. However, even for a kid's movie, I thought the storyline was a bit basic, bit Coco meets Frozen (which is not to blend in cultures in any way, I'm Latina, for f's sake) and that's that; though there were some interesting things portrayed at ever so sensibly in the beginning there, the "adult layers" we usually get in the level of Disney movie we've (or I, I don't know, maybe I'm just a Veruka Salt type) come to expect was just not there.

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