Euge Cugliandolo's review about Spider-Man: No Way Home(2021)

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Euge Cugliandolo

Rating 7

23:52 19 January, 2024

It effortlessly swings into a delightful blend of nostalgia, humor, and jaw-dropping action, delivering a web-slinging adventure that's a pure joyride for Spidey fans.

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Surpassing "Endgame", this movie moves beyond a database of memories and farewells. It returns superheroes to everyday life, reclaiming the comic essence of freedom and the boundlessness of worlds. The return of previous Spider-Men is not merely about healing past pains but about combining memories across generations, allowing audiences to reconcile with time and life. Peter, forgotten by all, embodies the idea that "with great power comes great responsibility". He still continues to silently protect the masses at the end. In this manner, the film's conclusion marks the true birth of "Spider-Man."
Spider-Man's classic mythos is making goodness out of mistakes, bearing burdens that are not his, and trying to save people. Hisrejection of selfish pragmatism is epitomized by the quote, "with great power comes great responsibility." After being Iron Man's protégé, Marvel's Spider-Man finally gets his own standalone film. The most emotional part is not the reunion of the three Spider-Men, but Peter losing everything and everyone dear to him. In that state, we see him in a shabby rental flat pursued by his landlord, responding to a simple police scanner, and jumping into action. Four years after "Spider-Man: Homecoming", we finally receive the most authentic Spider-Man story.
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A Bad Sequel with Amazing Spider-Men Reunion.The ideas of the three generations of Spider-Man reunion was great! But the plot is too nonsense, and the amnesia scene is not undoable, but what about the chat records of various electronic devices in everyone's hands? What about photos? What about video clips? Doctor Strange is not rewriting history. And after experiencing the disaster brought by Thanos in the movie Avengers, Holland Spider-Man is still so naive and has a crazy superhero complex, like a giant baby.
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cool.muy buena la película
Marvel.una película especial. la mejor de todas las Spiderman ❤